Mohammed Image Archive

The Mohammed Image Archive is a comprehensive compendium of images that depict Mohammed (the 7th-century founder of Islam), spanning all historical periods, cultures, genres, styles, formats and themes.

This gallery provides a thorough, detailed and even-handed look at the extremely wide variety of Mohammed portraits in Islamic and Western societies from the Middle Ages until today. It is by far the largest and most extensive collection of Mohammed imagery anywhere in the world.

The portraits in the Mohammed Image Archive have been divided into the following categories; click on the links below to view the images in each section:

   Islamic Depictions of Mohammed in Full   
   Islamic Depictions of Mohammed with Face Hidden    
   European Medieval and Renaissance Images   
   Dante's Inferno   
   Miscellaneous Mohammed Images   
   Book Illustrations   
   Book Covers   
   Comic Books   
   Political Cartoons   
   Television, Film and Video   
   The Jyllands-Posten Cartoons
   Online Cartoons
   "Draw Mohammed" Events and Contests                            
   Charlie Hebdo   
   Extreme Mohammed   
   Derivative Works   
   "This Is Mohammed"   
   Not Mohammed   
   Emails from Readers   

Please note that the Arabic name "Mohammed" has over the centuries been transliterated into Western languages with several different spellings, including Muhammad, Mahomet, Mahoma, Muhammed, Mahomatus, Muhamed, Mohamed, Mohammad, Maometto, Mahmud, Mahommad, Mahomed and Machomet. These disparate spellings are retained throughout this archive whenever original sources are quoted; but in all captions and text written specifically for the Mohammed Image Archive, the spelling "Mohammed" is always used.

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If you know of any other interesting depictions of Mohammed that you think should be included in the Mohammed Image Archive, email submissions here. Please do not send submissions until you have viewed all the pages, to ensure that you're not recommending an image already in the Archive.