This page is devoted solely to pictures of Bus 19 and the scheduled speakers at the anti-terror rally given in Berkeley on January 16, 2005.

Bus 19 from the back.

Bus 19 from the side.

A close-up of the damaged frame.

On the front was a banner decrying terrorism.

Elsewhere, the bus was draped with biblical quotations, placed there by The Jerusalem Connection, which used to be called Christians for Israel.

I loitered around the bus and eavesdropped on other viewers; more than one expressed some level of discomfort over the quotations, and felt that they may have distracted a bit from the bus's intended emotional impact.

Next to the trailer was a very moving display with photographs of most of the one thousand victims who have been killed in bus bombings in Israel.

Across the lawn, a large crowd gathered to hear speakers cry out against terrorism. Many of the people here at the main stage were unaware of the true nature of the anti-Semitic counter-protests happening on the other side of the park. The police for the most part kept the counter-protesters so far away that all the audience could hear was a dim roar in the distance. (The calm was interrupted a couple times, however.)

Among the speakers were former Berkeley Mayor Shirley Dean (short of stature but tall of spirit)...

Radio talk-show host Jeff Katz (who promoted the event on air)...

Representatives from Shaare Zedek, a hospital in Israel that treats all terrorism victims for free, whatever their nationality...

And a group from India who played traditional Hindu songs.

There were many other speakers as well, including Jim Hutchens, the President and founder of the Jerusalem Connection. Click here (or on the picture above) to hear Jim Hutchens read an important quote from the book An End to Evil (QuickTime, 5.4mb). Here's a transcription of the clip:
Jim Hutchens: A fairly newly released book by David Frum and Richard Perle, and it reminds us of what we have to do, in light of what's taken place here, and what's taking place throughout the world, and what could happen here, as well. [Quoting from the book:] "For us, terrorism remains the great evil of our time, and the war against this evil [counter-protesters audible in the distance, right on cue] our generation's great cause. We do not believe that Americans are fighting this evil to minimize it, or to manage it. We believe that we are fighting to win, to end this evil before it kills again on a genocidal scale. There is no middle way for Americans: it is victory, or it is holocaust." And that's from the book An End to Evil: How to Win the War on Terror, by David Frum and Richard Perle.

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